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What You Need To Know About Insomnia

As humans we rely on getting a good night’s sleep every evening in order to function effectively the next day. Lack of sleep can have disastrous knock-on effects on the rest of our health and has been linked with mental illnesses, obesity and even lower life expectancy; making it all the more important that we seek help for insomnia in order to get our lives back on track. Anyone who has ever had a sleepless night can testify to the fact that it is indeed a frustrating experience but the occurrence of this consistently over a period of time can be a major cause for concern.

So in order to aid anyone who feels like they are suffering with their sleep; here are some important facts that will help you get to grips better with what’s happening to you, what’s causing it and how to effectively treat it.

Insomnia Is Not Strictly The Inability To Fall Asleep –

Although one of the symptoms of insomnia is the inability to fall asleep at night; it is not strictly the full definition. Insomnia is also defined as the inability to stay asleep and so if you are merely finding it hard to nod off; things may not be as bad as you first thought. A diagnosis of insomnia also only takes place after about a month and so if you have only been experiencing difficulties for a few days or it only happens every once in a while then it is likely to be your lifestyle rather than insomnia.

‘Social Jet Lag’ Is A Leading Cause Of Sleep Loss –

One of the main reasons why people develop a difficulty in sleeping is because they have established two different sleeping patterns. On a week night they will head to bed at a reasonable hour and then wake up in time for work, but on a weekend they don’t sleep until the early hours in the morning and rise a lot later than usual. This creates two different sleep cycles which will begin to inhibit natural sleep over time.

Sleeping Pills Are On The Rise Even Though They Are Not A Cure –

Studies have shown that the production and usage of sleeping pills is continuing to rise even though taking them is not an effective cure for insomnia. Although they may provide short term relief for your sleep deprivation; the condition will still remain in the long term and you may experience some unwanted side effects and even dependency.

If you want to receive long term help for insomnia then hypnotherapy may be a better way to go. This will help you to address any underlying issues that are causing your lack of sleep and work at removing them. It is also important to make the appropriate changes to your routine and environment in order to combat the issue.

There Are Many Myths Regarding Insomnia –

As with any health problem; everybody will have their own personal remedy for the situation, and these can quickly develop into myths. Some of the most common myths regarding insomnia are that watching TV will help you sleep (it’s much better to read or listen to music), alcohol will make you sleepy (this may be the case but it lowers the quality of your sleep) and that you can catch up on your sleep by sleeping loads the next day (this is not possible and can lead to social jet lag which is detailed above).

You Can Train Yourself To Sleep Better –

In the same way that you will begin to associate your bed with stress and restlessness if you stay in it whilst tossing and turning; you can train yourself to associate your bedroom with calmness and therefore see it as the perfect sleeping arena. This is essentially what you will learn through hypnotherapy as you will be taught meditation techniques and ways to help you enter the right frame of mind for sleep when you get into bed.

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Chris Mayhew has suffered from sleep deprivation in the past and knows just how much it can effect your life. He would recommend hypnotherapy from Fix My Mind to combat the issue.

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