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5 Simple Broccoli Recipes To Try At Home

Here are 5 simple broccoli recipes for you to try at home Broccoli makes a great accompaniment for tons of entrees, can be turned into great appetizers and even makes a great salad with its leaves. I’ll include enough varying recipes – main courses, appetizers, drinks, and even a dessert – for you to make a full-course broccoli meal. Broccoli, ...

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How To Make Chicken Pilau The Easy Way

Are your strapped for time but would like to throw down a mean hot meal? Chicken pilau is a great choice  and is a lot easier to make than you think. Here is how I make my version of chicken pilau – very satisfying and YUMMY! You will need: 1 Chicken (give 8-9 pieces) 1.5 kgs 3 cups Rice 3 Onions 2-3 ...

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Simple Avocado Salad | Comfort Food

Are you craving some comfort food? A simple avocado salad is the greatest fix ever. This salad has been my lunchtime staple the past week, you can throw it together in 5 minutes. It’s yummy and feels naughty (when trying to keep away from rich and creamy things – cheese, mayonnaise & butter) You will need: One ripe avocado (cubed) One ...

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How To Make Your Own Fruit On The Bottom Yogurt Cup

fruit on the bottom yogurt cup

Our little man just started pre-school (I tell you growing up sucks!) I hit the snooze button one too many times, leaving hardly any time to look presentable, a preschooler in tow, let alone eat a half-decent breakfast. By the time I finish running other errands its time to pick him up as he only goes for half day. The last ...

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