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Bran Flake Cereal Wheat

Super Bowls | Foods That Treat

Bran Flake Cereal Wheat


Fight Stress, disease and lose weight with your breakfast.

Breakfast cereals are no longer just a treat for morning or snack times. They come packed with an array of nutrients. Here are breakfast cereals you would need for different health reasons other than filling a hungry stomach:


Iron deficiency in the body creates anaemia. If you are already treating yourself with supplemental iron, then you could simply add cereals like bran flakes, sultana bran and bran sticks.  They contain rich sources of iron, both natural and in fortification.  Iron makes haemoglobin, which transports vital oxygen around the blood stream and to body issues.

A 40g bowl can provide you with between half and two-thirds of your daily allowance.  Kick tiredness, weakness and pale skin to the curb with added bran in your breakfast every day.


Carbs have the effect of calming serotonin levels in the brain, and are a rich source of folic acid, which is also useful for nerves and stress.  Fruit and fibre is a very enriching and complete cereal to help deal with stress.  Make your own additions to it and improve further by adding a fresh fruit  for that complete balance of energies to last you for a longer morning.  Nuts and seeds add essential fatty acids, so great pick is a fruit and nut combined cereal made out of oats, wheat, rice, spelt, barley, rye and more whole grains.


Good amounts of vitamin B, folic acid and fortified vitamins make a good cereal combination for a healthy heart. Especially all grains in cereals tend to be fortified with folic acid, and hence, your corn flakes, rice puffs, bran and a bowl of fruit and fibre, can assist with taking care of your heart.

For that added value, simply use yoghurt or skimmed milk.  This makes for a happier, healthier morning routine. Porridge oats are rich source and filling breakfast for anyone who wants to keep their arteries healthy.  Simply spoon in a good amount of nuts, seeds and a fruit, to make it your everyday treat for your heart.  Oats or wheat bran added to your foods, can help add great value to cereals.


The idea of weight loss stems from reducing calories through fats and sugars.  Wrong fats can do most damage, therefore any cereal that is high in fibre, and rich in nutrients is effective for weight loss.  Have two to three meals with the goodness of yoghurt for your protein source, and see that weight simply shift.

Porridge oats are a rich source of fibre and added vitamins and minerals. They will fill you up, gently and give you longer periods of sustained energy.

Any high fibre wheat based cereals, like weetabix, All-bran and shredded wheat for added value.  Special K is especially recommended for designed diets.

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