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Soybeans | Foods That Treat

Many people think of soybeans as something exotic, or just a snack to have  once in while.  But it turns out that soybeans are used in a wide variety of healthy, and not so healthy foods.  Soybean flour is often used as filler in many processed meats . Of course, it is also used to make meat substitutes and can be turned into a wide variety of textures and flavours.

Soybeans can be good for losing weight if you start to eat steamed soybeans, also as a snack.  Rather than eating fried, greasy chips, you can have a tasty, slightly salty soybean snack and do your body a favour.  Soybeans are quite easy for the body to break down and use as energy.  As a result, your body is less likely to store the nutrition from soybeans as fat.

Additionally, soybeans are very high in soluble and insoluble fibre, which is critical for the cleansing and processing of foods through the intestines.  Research shows that they are also high in isoflavone, which may be critical to help combat cancer, especially breast cancer.

Soybeans are also high in good cholesterol, the stuff that keeps your blood vessels flexible and healthy.  When you eat foods that are high in good cholesterol, the amount of bad cholesterol is reduced, decreasing the risk of heart disease and other circulatory problems.

Soybeans, are high in calcium, which make it easy for the body to absorb and use, and strengthen bones.

Soybeans are very healthy for you to eat which makes them a great substitute for the unhealthy foods that can fatten.  In this way, you can get help with losing weight by eating soybeans.

There are many reasons to eat healthy soybean products and not many reasons to avoid them.  The best way to eat them is by buying fresh or frozen soybeans and having them steamed or boiled quickly.  A bit of salt and you’ve got a delicious snack.

Soybeans are used to make tofu and may other meat substitutes.  Just watch out for the other ingredients.  Many substitute products can be very high in sodium and stuff that will not help with your weight loss efforts.



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