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My grab-and-go salad

Salad In A Jar



Are you feeling like you are at the point where you are just working off the crap you eat at lunch? These healthy salads in a jar are a complete meal. With the convenience of making them several days before, you can have these grab-and-go ready as you hit the road.  They make life easier and healthier.

I first saw similar post in the blog by Paula on storing cut lettuce using foodsavers and mason jars. Even though delis and grocery stores have been selling pre-made salads. It is a major plus when you know exactly what is in yours.

Keeping salad greens fresh tasting can be challenging especially when combined with other ingredients in a container.  The trick is to use vegetables that tend to be more stable and can hold up for days in the fridge.

Here is how to make your very own salad in a jar (Fast healthy food) for the week:

Buy empty Mason jars from the supermarket
Add a desired amount of your favourite dressing into the jar
Now add your favourite fruit or vegetables example: strawberries cut into small bit sizes or tomatoes – cherry/mini tomatoes (mini tomatoes are best as they keep fresh)
Add your meats example: ham or turkey or chicken – roll and cut then add into the jar
Go all in and grab whatever else you like example: cheese (shredded), carrots, pickles, banana peppers etc into the jar
Now you can add lettuce and/or baby spinach

Freshness Tips:

  • They keep longer if the ingredients used are dry before stacking meaning if you use beans , drain them and pat dry, if using strawberries pat dry. The ingredient that is going to come into contact with greens MUST be dry as when greens get wet they spoil really fast.
  • Do not use pre-cut lettuce, buy and cut your own lettuce head. You will never know how long they have been pre-cut.
  • Baby spinach does not need to be cut as they are small enough
  • REMEMBER ; moisture and oxygen are the enemies of salad greens.  Where possible use a food saver to seal jars of lettuce.

Create your own combos.  Other veggies that hold well are green beans and cauliflower.

Your healthy fast food salad is locked and loaded.  Store in the fridge and each working day grab one jar on your way out, when it is time to eat just SHAKE IT UP and enjoy.

Here are some blogs with salad-in-a-jar recipes:

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4) The yummy life


What combos did you give a try? Sharing is caring!  

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