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Rosemary Herb

Rosemary | A prized jewel of nature

Rosemary has a whole range of health benefits. The herb is a rich source of iron, calcium, and dietary fiber and is loaded with antioxidants.

Rosemary stimulates circulation which increases the amount of oxygen the brain gets, thus improving the function of the heart and mind. It is a wonderful tonic as well, slowly improving the immune system. It also calms and tones the nerves, which can relieve tension headaches and ease depression and anxiety. It also has antibiotic and antispasmodic properties that make it prized for fighting off lingering bronchial infections. Rosemary aids in digestion, especially of fats, and absorption of nutrients as well as keeping waste from accumulating in the body. It also contains high amounts of rosmarinic acid, which is antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.

4 everyday uses of rosemary: (my favourite):

1) Natural flea repellant 

Add ½ cup chopped rosemary to 4 cups of boiling water. Let cool, strain out rosemary, and add to a spray bottle to spray on your pet’s furry coat. Soothes their skin – and it leaves their coat shiny and soft too…huh, worth a try.

Rosemary | A prized Jewel of Nature

2) Natural glossy hair

Sprinkle a few drops of rosemary oil onto your hairbrush every morning for glossy hair.

Rosemary for glossy hair

3) Natural air freshner 

A few sprigs of rosemary in your living space will help purify the air and like lavender when it’s dried it can be sprinkled in a fire to release the fragrance. 


Rosemary Airfreshner
Rosemary Air freshner

4) Natural face toner

A quick and easy rosemary toner is what you need to help you look younger, make your face tighter, brighter and circulate the blood in your skin. Great for oily skin.

You will need:

  • Fresh Rosemary (1 little branch)
  • 1/4 Cup of hot Water
  • Sauce Pan
  • Strainer
  • Empty Spray Bottle

What to do:

Add rosemary leaves (chop out of the branch) into a 1/4 cup of hot water let it steep for 20 minutes. Strain Rosemary water and pour into empty spray bottle.


1. Wash your face before applying toner

2. After spraying on, you can use a cotton ball or swab to dab onto skin

3. Let it air dry for 3 minutes and then apply your daily moisturizer

4. Rosemary Toner shelf life is about 1 week

5. Must keep refrigerated


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Liz Mugo-Akuku is the founder and publisher behind as well as a wife and mama to a very active boy. Lover of folklore, and just a girl on a journey to radiant health. I do this by eating REAL food, finding love in myself, and concocting homemade remedies. Want to join me? You know you want to!

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  1. How useful is Rosemary!
    As I’m a women I care a lot about beauty and skin care and as rosemary is useful for skin and hair, I think I’m going to try it on my hair and for my skin care. I’m going to do the treatment you mentioned to get a brighter and younger look. Thanks for this new info.

  2. Wow! And to know that my flower garden has a hedge of rosemary!

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