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My Outstanding Customer Experience | Auto Assured Road Rescue Review

I had a tire burst this morning en-route home from  a quick dash to the grocery store.  Thankfully had not hit the highway therefore  was on very low-speed. I called for emergency road rescue from Auto Assured (now known as INFAMA) as I had my son with me. I have never had to use my membership before today and I had an outstanding customer experience.

We all have our own ideas of what constitutes good or bad customer service.  To me it means, promptness, reliable,professionalism, knowledge of brand, loves what they do and it is obvious, friendliness and a willingness to listen.

My Outstanding Customer Experience | Auto Assured Review


From placing call to the 24 hr help line to the rescue vehicle arriving at  my location took 20 minutes – remarkable response time considering Monday traffic in Nairobi. Within those 20 minutes I had received two follow up calls updating me both times where exactly the rescue vehicle was. A text message with the rescue vehicle details. Mr. Isaac Mulandi introduced himself to my toddler and me and quickly asked if my son needed something.  The tire change was quickly done and my boot left as he found it ( yes I take great value to anyone who returns my stuff as they found them). Isaac then requests if he could change my road rescue sticker as they had re-branded earlier in the year.  As he does that he asks me if I had not received any communication from them on this change? He proceeds to explain the re-branding was because  the company had inter-grated other services that could not run under Auto Assured.  In one minute he had touched on all other services in offer. Within the hour I had also received received a text message requesting my feedback to aid service improvement and if I was pleased they would appreciate if I shared on the same.

  • Auto Assured (INFAMA) your tagline “Doing common things uncommonly well” for this INFAMA lady is true.
  • Empowerment: training employees to make decisions on their own to educate a customer not just help.
  • Feedback: giving the customer the opportunity to tell you what they think in many ways at different stages.
  • An organization that teaches customer service techniques describes excellent services as “the process of consistently communicating to the customer.”


My outstanding customer experience reminded me “there’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things”



For a stress free driving experience give Auto Assured a try.






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