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Motherhood And The Workplace

Earlier this week a woman made this statement “It takes a woman’s brain 3 years to recover after having a baby…. If I knew you had 2 children in the last 3 years, I would not hire you”.

Allow me to ask recover in what way?:

1) Recover from motherhood awesomeness?

2) Recover from the ability to never be fully asleep but function very well and raise a child?

3) Recover from being able to multi-task without ever thinking about it?

4) Recover from now working smart and harder to achieve more in less time?

#FACT 1. I have learnt to anticipate the next move and prepare before it happens.

#FACT 2. Having a child has a way of restructuring the brain to be efficient ad effective with limited time and resources.

#FACT 3. I am now a better planner.

#FACT 4. I budget better.

#FACT 5. I have friends with multiples and they are rocking it in their careers.

#FACT 6. If I were to apply her reasoning – she hired me based on my current state; imagine how much more awesome I was pre-baby?

GRANTED# I do not have as much time to catch-up on my reading so forgive me for forgetting a bit of my vocabulary.

YET# There are countries worried that children are not being born where senior citizens are 4 times higher than the birth-rate.

Benefits of ‘baby brain syndrome‘ is a more sensitive  and effective mother.


Raising children and doing right by them is a mighty weighty responsibility!




  • Should women have to choose motherhood vs career?
  • Is being a mother perceived as a disqualification by employers?
  • Why is fatherhood a bonus? Have a child advance in your career? Why the motherhood penalty?

A parent with a stay-at-home spouse simply doesn’t always understand that most working parents, and mostly working moms in particular, are trying to juggle a job with appointments at the pediatrician, a school day that ends at 2:30, a no-show nanny, a teething baby, sleep deprivation, this morning’s temper tantrum, a forgotten stuffed animal, and the fact that pizza day is tomorrow, not today, and now your child has no lunch.  When you have a stay-at-home spouse, you have someone whose job it is to deal with all that stuff while you have no trouble making an 8:00 am conference call, 9:00 am flight to the other end of the country, preparing for the upcoming board meeting and remembering to eat and use the restroom at regular intervals.

Men whose wives stayed home to raise the kids, may not intuitively understand today why they need to support the working mothers in their companies — or how doing so is the best thing for their business. Maybe, when their well-educated high-achieving daughters — or granddaughters — show up for sunday dinner with their noses buried in their blackberries, spit up on their shoulders, a gaggle of screaming kids they might just see the picture from a whole new perspective.

What gives?


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