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fruit on the bottom yogurt cup

How To Make Your Own Fruit On The Bottom Yogurt Cup

Our little man just started pre-school (I tell you growing up sucks!) I hit the snooze button one too many times, leaving hardly any time to look presentable, a preschooler in tow, let alone eat a half-decent breakfast. By the time I finish running other errands its time to pick him up as he only goes for half day. The last 2 days I have skipped breakfast not the wisest decision, considering eating breakfast has been shown to promote weight-loss, lower cholesterol, and improve concentration.  With a little advance planning you and I can make a healthy breakfast the night before for minimal prep time in the morning. Hello snooze-city! This is a recipe for you – How to make your own fruit on the bottom yogurt cup.

Fruit on the bottom yogurt cup

fruit on the bottom yogurt cup

Makes for delicious eating.

Inspired to try?

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