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Helathy is the new skinny

Healthy Is The New Skinny

Skinny is not the goal being Healthy is


When will we stop believing that life will be better only if we are skinny? I find myself saddened and frustrated by the thinner=happier equation.  Do not get me wrong, am all for self-improvement.  Many of us hit the gym to look better, but that cannot be the only motivation.  Otherwise, if you are like me you will feel discouraged when you do not see results fast enough or achieve a certain look.

Not surprising in the least, given we are surrounded by a culture that insists that how you look is more important than how you feel. Does weight loss solve any problems? Of course some! But being thinner will not make you smarter, a more charming conversationist, it will not necessarily make you accepted for all your many strengths at work.

It is the fat’s fault when we do not have a loving partner, when we are uncomfortable in social situations it’s the fat’s fault, if we are not moving up the ranks at work as much as we would like, it’s the fat’s fault.  When uncertain of our ability to do awesome life stuff for example that vacation, changing career it is because we are fat; if we weren’t fat then none of these things would be a problem.

When fat takes the blame and not a culture turned or that unfairly punishes women for not meeting certain physical standards – telling them they have no right to self-esteem, or they are dull-witted. Fact: A slender figure will not solve all your problems –  that is  the stark reality.

What do you expect to change as a result of weight loss? Is weight loss really the only way to change these things?

Tying my confidence to something changeable might make my confidence wholly dependent on certain parameters – in this case my appearance. I have since learnt it is better to cultivate confidence regardless of what I weigh or how I look.  To value me and be proud of the person I am.

You and I have to fight the cacophony of voices from pals, family, strangers and even those inside our head that promises that a thinner you will end all you issues.  See yourself as whole, a person whose value is not determined by how you look no matter how loudly the culture telling you otherwise is shouting.

Build your own better life, one that makes you feel great and positive regardless of what size you happen to be.  A life that does not require you to live with your happiness and self-worth inextricably tied to the label on your dress.

It is not easy but it is possible with a shift in our thinking and a willingness to go after what we want out of our lives no matter what.

Better version of yourself


Granted I am working at being a better version of myself by making  lifestyle changes to be more healthier.  I have been walking 5 times a week for 1 hour for the past 2 months and am loving how my body feels not because it is perfect, far from it but because with every mile, it is proving to me that am capable of more than I ever thought possible. Healthy is the new skinny!

Yes it feels better not to have to squeeze into my jeans, not having to feel that roll over the top of my jeans making me feel more physically uncomfortable. I move more easily.  By all means a little weight loss is a confidence booster when you are told you look good lol!

Am still a plus size girl who feels wonderful and has woken up with a changed attitude.

HEALTHY IS THE NEW SKINNY!  Do you believe this? Share and comment please!


Healthy is Classy







About Liz Mugo-Akuku

Liz Mugo-Akuku is the founder and publisher behind as well as a wife and mama to a very active boy. Lover of folklore, and just a girl on a journey to radiant health. I do this by eating REAL food, finding love in myself, and concocting homemade remedies. Want to join me? You know you want to!

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