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Har Vokse| Stress and Hair Loss Review

Hair has a way of telling you if your body is in balance.  If you are healthy – physically and emotionally – your hair will be radiant and shining and your scalp pliant and moist. If you are not well physically, or are upset emotionally, your hair becomes dull and lifeless – it will begin to fall out, and your hair will become waxy with the overproduction of your traumatized sebaceous glands.

Any major change in our lives can be reflected in the condition of our hair, scalp and skin.  We reflect our health and well-being in the condition of our hair and scalp. Products such as Har Vokse can however combat the results of hair-loss – Stress and Hair loss.

 If your hair is thinning or you are experiencing baldness and it seems abnormal either because you are young or female, it is more than likely that stress is the culprit of hair loss.  Your hair is one of the first places your body shows distress. Illness, medication and imbalances in nutrition all show up in your hair and scalp.

But how does stress actually effect hair loss? Well hair grows in repeating cycles. The active growth phase lasts around two years and is followed by a resting phase that spans three months, after which the hair falls from the scalp. Normally, every strand of hair in your head is at a different point in this cycle, so the shedding is barely noticeable: a few strands in the shower drain, some more on your brush, a hair or two on your pillow. A normal head sheds at most 100 strands of hair a day.

Usually, it is not mild job or life stress that triggers hair loss, more likely it is extremely serious stress to the body that causes hair to stop growing and fall out. These types of stress can be initiated by some types of medications, diabetes, thyroid disorders and even extreme emotional stress, but also can be caused by commonplace life events like childbirth, miscarriage and surgery.

However, when the body undergoes extreme stress, as much as 70 percent of your hair can prematurely enter the resting phase. Three months later, these hairs begin to fall out, causing noticeable hair loss. The person will not become completely bald and the thinning will be fairly unnoticeable. However, it is this three month delay and the fact that the trigger seems so unrelated that causes confusion on the part of the patient concerned about hair loss.

How does Har Vokse work?

 Har Vokse is a dual action product it is made up of a Protective Treatment Spray and a Hair Re-growth Supplement.  The spray cleanses the scalp and nourishes the hair so that it is thicker, stronger and has more volume whist the supplement stops hair loss at it source, creates hair re-growth and produces thicker, shinier hair.

 The main component of Har Vokse is a natural marine protein complex which contains a group of proteoglycans that has been shown to regulate the proliferation of cells in dermis (the skin) and which is especially important for the function of the hair follicle and re-growth of the hair. It has been demonstrated that proteoglycans can interact with growth factors.

Har Vokse can therefore increase the number of hair straws in a given area on the scalp demonstrating a significant effect in reducing baldness in people with developing hair loss.

Har Vokse is made of all natural ingredients and therefore has no known side effects, other than hair re-growth!!!

What are the benefits of Har Vokse?

 Protective Treatment Spray

• Reduce Inflammation
• Fortify & Protect
• Stimulate Re-growth
• Prevent Hair Loss

 Hair Re-growth Supplement

• Reduce Hair Loss
• Thicken & Strengthen
• Nourish & condition
• Substantial Re-growth

 My Review:

The good news is if you are suffering from stress , hair will begin to grow back within a few months in most cases. However, some people may face further periods of severe stress that may trigger the whole process to being again causing more hair loss resulting in a more long-term problem.  Har Vokse offers a completely natural remedy that can encourage hair re-growth whilst ensuring that your remaining hair is stronger and thicker. Har Vokse is a product that is definitely worth giving a try!



Hair has a way of telling you if your body is in balance.  If you are healthy - physically and emotionally - your hair will be radiant and shining and your scalp pliant and moist. If you are not well physically, or are upset emotionally, your hair becomes dull and…

Review Overview

All Natural Ingredients
Clinically Proven
Price ($59)

Proven It Works.

This Product is worth giving a try! It is well priced, made from natural ingredients and clinically proven.

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