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Grab-And-Go Breakfast|Veggie Quiche Cups

Idividual Veggie Quiche Cups To-Go


Veggie Quiche cups are a greet freezer friendly grab-and-go breakfast or lunch option.

These little gems are the perfect low-carb breakfast treat to mix up the usual routine.  Guess what? Even better is that they can be made ahead and frozen to be taken out and reheated whenever you are ready for them.  Yap! I am all about planning.

The great mix of veggies and their ease-of-travel, they are bound to find their way into your lunch box as they have mine.

Am all for whipping up a double batch and keep some in the freezer for those mornings. I know a number of you that are not morning people and will not be in the near future lol.

How easy is this:

Just chop up some red bell pepper, onions, mushrooms and mix them with some spinach, eggs and shredded cheese


veggie quiche ingredients

Then scoop the mixture into muffin cups (preferably foil cups) and bake them up 20-25 minutes. Easy right?

Veggie Quiche Cups Ready to eat


There you have it veggie Quiche cups ready to-go.

Give this a try.



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