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Ayimba Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp | With Benjamin Ayimba – Part 2

1. Why work out in the morning?

Exercise in the morning

  •   We are energized by sleep and therefore we are rejuvenated in the morning which means that our bodies respond well to anything we do and your men can attest to that fact if you know what I mean (hiding my face)
  • It’s best to start your day with a workout because then your senses are awakened and you more often than not have a good day when that’s the case.
  • The burning of fat and detoxing happens when the muscles are given a jolt, so the best time to do that effectively is to start when they(muscles)are still on the lazy mode.
  • A good warm shower after a morning workout is one of the best things you can do to start your day.

2. Equipment

ABC and fitness is a program that is intended to be done 90% of the time outdoors,which means equipment is key. Lets see what we need in that case:

Running shoes, these are found in sports shops all over and if you are working on a budget, there are some really good second-hand ones though I prefer that you get a new pair so as you can mold them to your feet’s needs and they last longer.NOTE: do not worry about the cost for the new ones since they give you good service for a longer time as opposed to the second-hand ones.

Gym/track apparelas you will be moving a lot, there is need to have flexible fabric for clothing that you will be wearing to the sessions. Sports bras, tights, track suits, shorts(for those who prefer to show a bit more skin) and training t-shirts which can absorb sweat and keep you dry while training. Depending on the response of registrations,we will have uniform kit going forward so that we look like a good outfit.

Caps and headbands are an optional for those who would like to trap the sweat as they train.These are also available and are in a wide range.

Heart rate monitors;these are gadgets that not many of us know about but I will explain in a second why they can be an important part of your training regime. When you start to exercise vigorously,you will measure your highest BPM(beats per minute) of your heart. The way to improve your heart’s strength and essentially aerobic fitness, you need to work your heart from at least 50% to the highest of 75% of its work rate.When you do this continuously, you will not only strengthen your heart and become aerobically fit but you will be able to burn the extra fat that your body stores and you never feel jaded after training because you use only enough energy to get through the exercises.

3. Diet

It is often thought that when you do not eat and grow slim it’s alright.What your body does is that it uses the stored fat Dietfor energy to keep your body going and what that does essentially is that your body is left vulnerable, so in cases of illness, it will not be able to stand it and you stand a chance of being critically ill even when you have a common ailment.

The trick of dieting while training to have enough energy to go through your daily chores is the timing. In this case, it’s a handful of cereal before morning training, starch, juice, milk, tea or coffee, whichever you prefer just after training or a shower. For a snack mid morning, a handful of nuts will suffice. A sandwich for lunch is recommended and then a cup of tea in the early evening say between 1600 to 1700 hr. Dinner needs to be taken early before 1930 hr if possible. This is the meal that protein intake needs to be at its peak since it goes to repair the broken down muscle tissue as you sleep.


Water needs to be taken in small sips throughout the day and ladies it is not fashionable to leave the house with a water bottle full of water and come back with it only having taken one sip throughout the day.


Is also part of the regime so sleep well at night and do not be shy to take a nap during the day if you have a chance. Spoil yourself with a spa treatment or a massage once in a while to relax the tight muscles.

ABC Fitness why I work out

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