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Ayimba Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp | A Conversation with Benjamin Ayimba

Ayimba Boot Camp

1. What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camps are named after the military version where new recruits were turned into ‘sleek’ machines.  A Boot Camp is one of the greatest ways to get into great physical shape. The best parts of enlisting in a fitness boot camp is that you become part of a community. Doing something with the support of others is far much easier that going at it alone.

2. What are the benefits of Boot Camp?

  • Boot camps never go out of style for good reason built on the fundamentals of training cardio, strength & agility – more than the traditional gym work-outs.
  • Boot camps are all about bare essentials, starting with the moves.  Work-outs that turn your body into an efficient resistance machine.
  • Taking your sweat session outside has some serious perks, you feel less tense afterwards.
  •  “Camaraderie” power of your peeps is well documented.  When it comes to fitness there is a clear link between social support and exercise.
  •  A great way to excuse proof your work-outs
  • Incorporate exercise regimes as well as teach you about nutrition. You will come away with a sleeker physique and the tools to stay that way after you have graduated.  Physically fit version of yourself.

3. If someone could only afford one workout tool what would that be and why?

Jumping rope is one of the cheapest most efficient fitness equipment you can get.When you jump your heart rate rises the blood pumps better and your heart gets stronger. As that goes on,your every body part is moving vigorously and as a result you use energy which is stored as fat in your body,hence burning it.You can always increase the repetitions per minute or intensity as you get fitter.The other positive thing is that you need small space to do that. (As Squeezie would say packs in your handbag easy! Grab-and-Go)

 4. What is the body part every woman should most definitely work out?

The glutinous Maximus(bum) is the muscle most women don’t work out and should do because,as you work the bum muscles,you work the vital muscles such as your back,core and abdominal muscles.

5. What is the most forgotten body part during working out?

The core muscles are the most neglected,this is because it’s not seen.If you want to find them and I will start with you Liz,slide your pointing fingers on either side of your pelvis where your hip joins with your “triangle” ,press down and cough….there is a muscle that moves while you do that.Those are the core muscles and they are really important.The calf muscle is one that comes automatically with great workouts so it should not be of that great a concern. As a matter of fact,that can be worked out with the skipping.

 6. Favourite move? Abs?

Abs is what everyone thinks makes you strong but contrary to that it’s the core muscles that do the job. It is often confused with abs and rightfully so because no one has ever told you that there are core muscles.The process is to strengthen the core muscles and then head on to work the abs when the core is strong and the feeling is great. To let you in on secret, these are the muscles that make us very strong in bed too.

7. What would your clients say is their favourite thing about working out with you?

I give my 100% every time. Motivation. I have always achieved better results with a motivated group and that’s because they are really driven. Motivation is our fuel for achieving success.

8. What do you take to be the greatest accomplishment in your career so far?

I would say my greatest achievement is getting Kenya sevens team to the first ever semi final as a coach and beating a team(Fiji) convincingly given that they had given us a hiding a decade earlier.It’s a memory that makes my palms sweat any time I talk about it.


The future for me is the Ayimba Boot Camp (ABC). A fitness club that guarantees your fitness needs different from your usual gym membership. People pay to go to the gym and lose a kilo of weight in six months. It’s been proven that working out outdoors makes better fitness regime. This program will evaluate your gains every month,working 3 days a week. The trainers including myself are well vast with our values of helping the client achieve their potential in fitness needs.

We will often take our camps out-of-town for better fun and bonding sessions. Membership will be restricted to a small number of members monthly in two groups. The two groups will train in different locations three days a week e.g group 1(monday,wednesday & friday) group 2(tuesday,thursday & saturday).  Am rather curious how I will fare ina real bootcamp or crossfit.

Sound appealing to you? Other ways to get into superb shape include buying exercise equipment for your home, going on the latest diet, or signing up at the local gym. Other methods will bring success but with more difficulty and less sustainability.

How does August sound to get into the ABC (Ayimba Boot Camp) side of life?


Benjamin Ayimba & ABC
Are You Ready To Make A Change?

Benjamin Ayimba



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