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Fish Spa The Natural Pedicure

Fish Spa The Natural Pedicure


When my girlfriend choose Thailand for her 40th Birthday celebration spa treatments is all that came to my mind.  Thailand is fast becoming one of the world’s top spots for spa treatments, so it is not surprising that fish spas are big here.  While in Bangkok I really did not get to see much of the spa treatments, shopping took over (*sigh*).  When we got to Phuket for every 20 metres was a fish spa, massage, currency exchange booths and clubs.

Am a creature of habit, so I was apprehensive but my girlfriends were quick to give it a try.

What are the benefits of a Fish Spa?

Some fish pedicure enthusiasts believe that fish can stimulate acupuncture points on your feet to regulate your nervous system, relax your body, release fatigue and leave your skin softer. Others say that the fish help to remove obstructions from pores and promote better circulation. Like many skin conditions, the fish provide a temporary cure to treat skin conditions so one may need to repeat the treatment.



Fish Spa The Natural Pedicure


What exactly do the Fish do?

Once your feet have been gently placed in the warm water, they begin to investigate, gently sucking and nibbling away at dead skin cells and hard skin to leave your feet silky smooth.

How does it feel?

Judging from the priceless expressions, screams and giggles one experiences a pleasant tingling sensation that feels like little bubbles on their feet. You may experience a ticklish feeling at first, and then the feeling passes so that deep relaxation can begin.


From the walk-in we went the water is constantly being purified through the filter system.  The spa water is regularly changed.

Any shared water in the Fish Foot Spa?

No – each tank is an individual foot spa, so no water is shared. Each spa has its own filter for hygiene and maintenance reasons.

Health benefits:

1) Natural exfoliation of dead skin – Smoother and complete blazing skin with very simple moisturizer absorption 2) Promote body-fluid circulation – Micro massage sensation from these ‘little masseurs’ 3) Lightening of secondary scars 4) Alleviating of psoriasis and minor eczema 5) Release stress and tension – Ticklish sensation initiating perpetual laughter!

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