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Eat Your Own Medicine|A Revelation On Food

Medicinal values of food

Dinner with my chinese hosts yesterday left me in awe as I realized the average chinese knows more about the medicinal properties of food than a whole lot of people doing research on various cures. Medicinal foods are very much a part of their everyday diet. Each dish not only delighted the palate and satisfied the stomach but with each bite I was aware that I was eating medicine.  I recognized yet again that food contains information that speaks to genes beyond the calories.

Wonderfully presented, delicious and somehow mysteries ingredients (or so I thought!) my dinner was truly a date with the doctor. Allow me to take you through the dinner offerings:-

1) The mild, crunchy white tree fungus enhances detoxification and improves the complexion.

2) A mixed vegetable dish which included ginkgo nuts to help increase circulation, improve cognitive functions and a powerful antioxidant.

3) The Chinese black mushrooms boost immunity through special molecules.

4) Chinese broccoli improves detoxification, rich in calcium, magnesium and folic acid.

5) A mellow Fish Maw and ginseng soup to increase energy, provide easily digested protein and Omega 3 fatty acids.

6) Chicken with ginger and bitter melon reduces inflammation and balances blood sugar.

7) Even desert a warm barely sweet longhan soup with lotus seeds and quail eggs was healing. Longhan improves blood pressure and anaemia. Lotus seeds are calming and reduce palpitations. Quail eggs are an easily digestible source of protein and reduce the over all sugar load.

Washed down the dinner while reducing inflammation with a cooling gelation of aloe and lemon balm.

Jasmine tea accompanied the meal, it improves metabolism, enhances detoxification as well as helps chelate heavy metals in food.

Dinner has long been a date with the doctor in Asia; fill the belly, nourish the soul and heal the body. Achieving robust health may not be such a bitter pill to swallow after all,

Eat your own medicine everyday! When your GP says, eat the rainbow believe it.  Make the extra effort to eat many different foods to get a full range of benefits.


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Liz Mugo-Akuku is the founder and publisher behind as well as a wife and mama to a very active boy. Lover of folklore, and just a girl on a journey to radiant health. I do this by eating REAL food, finding love in myself, and concocting homemade remedies. Want to join me? You know you want to!

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