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Did You Know?

DID YOU KNOW? Eating around 5 apples a week has proven to dramatically improve lung function. This is most likely linked to an antioxidant found on the skin of apples called quercetin. In fact, women who eat more apples have less chance of having children born with asthma too.



When it’s really hot and you’re dying of thirst, try drinking water at room temperature rather than ice-cold. No matter how tempting they look iced drinks do not help reduce overall body heat, and some doctors believe cold water can actually slow down absorption.


Conclusive research indicated that increasing your overall consumption of vegetables and fruits could positively reduce your chances of getting pancreatitis.  Researchers concluded tat the antioxidants in vegetables and fructose in fruit could be the key to reducing oxidative stress.


Kick starting your metabolism is  a great way to improve your general health and to reach those weight goals. Use food to shake up your system two quick examples:

CHILI: Yes hot peppers have a compound called capsaicin that has been linked to reducing food cravings as well as speeding up metabolism.

VINEGAR: Aside from its ability to burn down fat itself, the acid within vinegar is believed to signal genes to breakdown fat too.


Cucumber sandwiches washed down with some lemonade seem to be the best at regulating body temperature during insanely hot days. Ideal mix:Cucumber slices placed  on whole wheat bread with a dash of mayonnaise and a little salt.

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