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Organic hair care to make every day a good hair day.

Wonderlife Hair, Skin and Nails Supplement| Review

Wonderlife’s Hair, Skin and Nails supplement contains a combination of key ingredients, including Biotin and Vitamin C that strengthen the foundation of your hair, skin and nails and improve the overall condition. The ingredient Biotin is crucial for the production of keratin, the key structural component of hair, nails, and skin. This supplement has the optiomal vitamins and minerals needed to nutritionally support ...

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Aloe and Honey Face Mask

An ingenious combination – aloe and honey face mask. With aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties and honey’s antibacterial abilities makes this a great acne fighting face mask. With only two ingredients, this aloe and honey face mask is quick, easy, cheap and effective all the four things we look for in a flawless skin regime. You will need: 1 teaspoon of ...

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5 Suprising Ways Coffee Makes You Prettier

  You know your beloved java boosts your mood, but this antioxidant-packed multitasker can also help improve your hair, skin, and more. Check out these pretty perks of your morning brew (and just be sure to stick to the recommended limit of 400 mg of caffeine per day to avoid dehydrating yourself).  1. Brighten your faceWhen it comes to antioxidants, ...

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5 Vegetable Oils Good For Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, so your skin absorbs 64% of everything you put on it. The idea of applying something you would normally put into a salad  sounds ….. weird! Vegetable oils are natural emollients, packed with vitamins and nutrients recognised by our body. Your skin will not only be soft, but also nourished. Give one a go and ...

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Onions for Hair Loss | Foods That Treat

    Hair loss is a big headache for many people especially women.  It is caused by environmental pollution, lifestyle change and certain health conditions. However, with proper hair management you can minimise the amount of loss. One simple remedy to this nagging problem is the onion treatment. Due to the pungent smell, many people would rather not consider the ...

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Rosemary | A prized jewel of nature

Rosemary has a whole range of health benefits. The herb is a rich source of iron, calcium, and dietary fiber and is loaded with antioxidants. Rosemary stimulates circulation which increases the amount of oxygen the brain gets, thus improving the function of the heart and mind. It is a wonderful tonic as well, slowly improving the immune system. It also calms ...

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15 Tips For Healthy Natural Hair

  Here are a few tips to make your natural hair journey a happy one and a lot less complicated and a lot of fun: 1.   Natural ingredients make for happy hair. 2.  Cleansing and conditioning should be regular occurrence in your hair care regimen. 3.  Fizzy hair can be tamed with a cool rinse after conditioning and drying ...

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Rice Water for Skin and Hair Care

Have you ever imagined using the cloudy water you pour out when you’re rinsing your rice? Be sure to save that precious cloudy water for your skincare routine. Rice water has been used for centuries by women in Asia for beautiful skin and hair. It is an excellent skin toner and hair wash. Rice contains ‘ pitera’ along with many ...

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Natural Dandruff Control Conditioner

  This natural dandruff control conditioner is great for treating dandruff without making your hair feel too oily. You will need: 3 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice 1/4 cup coconut oil   What to do: Mix all the ingredients together.  Massage into scalp.  Wait for about 30 minutes, then wash.     Remember: All preparations containing perishable items should ...

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Homemade Remedy for Itching Scalp | Ginger Root

  Here is a homemade remedy to an itching scalp – ginger root is one of those amazing roots that soothe the scalp and keep dandruff in check.  A simple DIY hair cleanser 100% natural and great for little princesses scalp too. As a tea alone its a keeper for life!   You will need:   1 Ginger Root 2 Cups of ...

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