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Makeup And Face Eczema-What Ingredients To Watch Out For

If you have eczema, there are a plethora of cosmetics that may irritate the skin. There are some ingredients in cosmetics that will trigger a flare up of eczema and cause red patches of dry skin on the face or dry itchy skin on face. Knowing which ingredients aren’t compatible with eczema is a step in the right direction. Makeup ...

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Dry Cracked Heels: Causes

Xerosis or dry skin affects more than just hands and elbows. Dry skin contributes to cracked heels, creating unsightly fissures. Deep cracked heels or heel fissures are not only unattractive, but can be painful and may even bleed if left untreated. Usually a simple cosmetic issue, cracked heels may lead to more serious medical problems. Common causes for cracked heels ...

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