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7 Foods That’ll Help You Get Gorgeous Nails


It is quite interesting to know that our nails can be a key indicator to our health. In other words flaky, weak, rough, discolored or spotted nails often mean ill health, thyroid problem or deficiency of vital nutrients.

For gorgeous nails you must follow a healthy diet, this is because when we intake food our body first send s nutrients to the vital organs in the body and our nails are the last to receive the nutrients. When we talk about improving the quality of our nails we must not forget that our genetics also pays an important role in their formation and growth.

Sometimes factors like brittleness or slow growth rate of nails can be blamed on the genetics of a person. However, one should always remember that no matter what type of nails a person has, eating certain foods can boost the growth, strength as well as the quality of nails.

Know About The 7 Foods That’ll Help You Get Gorgeous Nails :

1· Meat and eggs

Eggs are highly rich in protein. Lean mean contains zinc and vitamin B which is important for the development and growth of healthy nail. Red meat in rich in iron, so consuming red meat not only helps to prevent nail breakage.

2· Salmon and other oily fishes

Oily fishes contain vitamin A and various other nutrients, on the other hand fishes like Salmon is rich in protein and zinc. Proteins contributes in the healthy growth of nails where as zinc helps our body to absorb the various proteins that we consume. Salmon also contains nutrients like copper and selenium which helps in the production of collagen that boots the growth of nail.

3· Spinach and other green vegetables

When we discuss about 7 foods that’ll help you get gorgeous nails we must not forget to mention about spinach and other green vegetables. Green vegetables like spinach contain iron, B vitamins, Vitamin E and folate, all of which aid in the growth of nails and strengthening them.

4· Brazil Nuts

When it comes to the development and growth of healthy nails, Brazil nuts are even better than almonds. This particular type of nuts is rich in collagen building selenium, vitamin E and vitamin B.

5· Coconut Oil

Consuming food made with coconut oil enhances our body’s ability to absorb useful nutrients. Coconut oil helps to strengthen nails because it contains vitamins K, A, E and D.

6· Broccoli

If we make a list of the 7 foods that’ll help you get gorgeous nails we must surely mention the vegetable Broccoli. This is because Broccoli contains cysteine which is a type of amino acid. Cysteine helps our body to use the protein we eat.

7· Fruits

We all know that fruits are rich sources of different type of vitamins. For instance, kiwi is rich in vitamin C, Banana is loaded with B and dried apricots are rich in vitamin A. Berries like blackberries and blueberries are rich in antioxidants which promote overall good health.

In addition to these 7 foods that’ll help you get gorgeous nails you must also drink adequate amount of water every day. This is because water helps to flush out harmful toxins and also hydrates our nails giving them a healthy glow.

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