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6 Lessons Learnt School Holidays | Week 1

School holidays are here and school is out for 8 weeks  (2 months break) almost a week into the holiday and it is already very eye-opening for me. I have one smart, active, handsome and adorable pre-schooler who loves me as his mama. Here are 6 lessons I have learnt in WEEK 1:

6 Lessons Learnt School Holidays | Week 1

  • Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling.
  • You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps.
  • It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in – it is what God gave you time for.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to snuggle.  I love it when “Sherriff” says hug mama! hug! Take time to snuggle one day they may not want to snuggle anymore. I choose now to let the snuggle fill my soul with joy!
  • Using my inside voice (how to be a calm parent). Yelling at a 4 year old silences my message.  To speak quietly so the my son can hear my words instead of just my voice (Good Lawd! hasn’t this been a lesson – oh still is) Then again parenting is not a pratice. It is a daily learning experience.
  • Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kid/s so I am commited to going back to swimming for 1 hour (yes in the cold of July) and/or walk early mornings like I used to ( like I used to)

I had sworn to myself I’d get organised for this school holidays. There’s no better influence on a child than watching their parents get up and run around and have fun. I’m looking forward to lazy mornings and the flexibility to do things with my son when I want.  Staying in pajamas all day won’t cut it, watching Thomas & Friends on dvds, you tube  clips even in french won’t cut it, completely filling my phone’s memory with nostril selfies won’t cut it, demanding an audience while pooping won’t cut it, an Ipad running out of charge by half the day won’t cut…. sigh! And I don’t know how much more of Wanda and The Alien I can take.

6 Lessons Learnt School Holidays | Week 1

To get the most out of this holidays I need to be a fun mum and love the moment, here is a list of  activity ideas:

  • Home : Inside/Indoors
  • Home: Outside
  • Home: Arty & crafty
  • Out and About
  • Adventurous
  • At night
  • When it’s raining
  • Rest/Quiet time

If you would like to plan the weeks out, The Organized Housewife has a free School Holiday Planner Printable.

I will be breaking the activity ideas down further meanwhile my house gets toddlered.


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