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Brain Foods
The Brain Grocery List

6 Foods | The Brain Grocery List

Cognitive decline may set in as early as 45 years much sooner than previously thought. We can build up our brains – making them bigger and sharper by simply feeding them the right nutrients. 6 smart foods to add to your grocery list:

1. Sunflower Seeds

Brain Food Sunflower Seeds


Provides a dose of vitamin E, a nutrient that appears to shield neurons from cell-damaging free radicals. Alternative: Almond butter



2. Whole Grain Brain Food Whole Grain

High in B,C,D and E. Those with high levels of these vitamins have significantly larger brains and do better on   visual-spatial tests.

Alternative: Kellogg’s Smart Start Cereal


3. Salmon

Brain Food Salmon


Full of Omega-3s essential to maintaining a youthful mind.

Alternative: Walnuts





4. Yoghurt

Brain Food Yoghurt



Source of Vitamin B12 great for long-term memory.

Alternative:Swiss cheese


5. Eggs

Brain Food Eggs


The yolk is loaded with vitamin D, which helps break dowm the insoluble plaques that characterize Alzheimer’s

Alternative: Sardines



6. Soybeans

Brain Food Soybeans



These beans are rich in choline, a building block for neurotransmitter that helps relay information throughout the nervous system.

Alternative: Turkey or chicken

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