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40 Lessons from 40 Years

Its my birthday today!

So I decided to write a little list to my 20 something self today and I hope this brings a smile or inspires you also.

Dear twenty something self….

2o Something Self
2o Something Self
  1. Learn how to enjoy your own company. Go on dates with yourself often.
  2. By being the best and most healed version of yourself you can truly make a difference in the world. In the small pocket of the world I call home, I can live with integrity and be honest about my feelings, even when they hurt. I can pay forward the generosity that has shown to me.
  3. Your senses are the way the way back into the present moment. What do you see now? What’s touching your skin? What can you hear? PAY ATTENTION. Give yourself over to this moment RIGHT NOW.40 Lessons from 40 Years
  4. Sharing your heart with people will make you feel vulnerable at times (OKAY! all the time) but it helps you feel less alone when you see others feel the same.
  5. It’s your eye that really matters the camera is only a tool.
  6. Be gentle with yourself. Explore all paths to find your way through a storm (YEAP – to all over-thinkers like myself).
  7. Most of the disappointments in my life have been as a result of expectations and assumptions.  Well! keeping these in check is a life long practice!
  8. Take pleasure in your body.  Celebrate your sensuality – buy lingerie that delights you and wear more silk.
  9. When you look in the mirror try smiling at yourself. Yes! even when your mirror is not co-operating.
  10. Show yourself a little kindness everyday.  Whatever it takes even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom to meditate on the floor.
  11. Believe in something. God (does it every time), kindness, love, nature ….
  12. Believe in yourself. There is absolutely nobody else in the entire world like you.
  13. Only shop in shops with flattering light in their fitting rooms (sigh!).
  14. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. It forms the basis for every relationship in your life, making you the mom, sister, wife, friend you are.
  15. Avoid avoidance. The word “confrontation” has a negative connotation if you are in a situation where you have been offended  or have done the offending, address it don’t wait. Be vulnerable and show compassion and maturity (rolls eyes as ‘my person’ is an “escapist”) am still learning!
  16. Parents are precious. In my eyes my parents have always been as strong and infallible as the pope. A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with cancer (Carcinoma of the cheek) never the same again. Shortly after he suffered a heart attack but doing great and stronger. My mother suffered a stroke but is going on strong. I have come to the realization that life is indeed precious and we should all express our appreciation and gratitude as much as we can through actions as well as our words.
  17. Stop denying. In my 20s and 30s I was so afraid to display or concede any cracks in the armor. These days, I wear my scars like a badge of honor.  Life is a lovely battle, I fight everyday, I may lose a bout every now and again but I am still winning.
  18. Identify all the things you love to do and brainstorm ways you can make them a bigger part of your life, whether to provide income or just create a sense of joy every single day. Life is too short to let this one pass you by.
  19. Try not to be in too much of a hurry to “grown up” always look at the world through a child’s eyes as if it is something new to explore.40 Lessons from 40 Years
  20. You are you; you are beautiful and we are all different shapes and sizes. Find that part of you that defines your best self and celebrate those features (and yes there are days when you will find yourself in a dark place as far as how you look at your body is concerned BUT get out of it).
  21. Listen to your body it knows what you need, when you need it.
  22. On that note, do not take “medicines” for the sake of ‘taking’ them, investigate herbal equivalences and other ways to heal and make your own choice.
  23. Friends (and I mean friends) care about you, grow with you and support you no matter what.
  24. You cannot change people but you can change how you react to certain situations. Always see the opportunity every relationship or experience presents to you. They are here to teach you something.
  25. Anything anyone ever says about you, does to you or criticizes you on, is 99.99% about them, NOT you.
  26. Your heart really does make a difference. Love is the answer, be kind to yourself and others.
  27. Try your very best not to judge anyone.  We are all a work in progress and experiences dictate how people go about their day to day lives.
  28. Be creative everyday.
  29. Talk to the universe, it is listening.
  30. Enjoy each and every moment, they are all precious.
  31. Take 100% responsibility for your life. It is ok to change directions several times.
  32. Balance consumption with creation. A major mindset shift and I still make sure I keep in balance as a creative entrepreneur e.g. make stuff instead of just buying, record a video and not just watch videos.
  33. Little steps everyday in the same direction will get you a very long way over time.
  34. The only thing stopping you is you. Nothing can stop a woman with the right mental attitude from achieving their goal; nothing on earth can help the woman with the wrong mental attitude. Check your attitude.
  35. Don’t equate your job with your identity.
  36. Don’t take your health for granted.
  37. Put your family first , pray together, apologize, show by actions that they are loved and the most important people in your life.
  38. Keep growing and learning. Growth doesn’t happen by accident the only thing that happens naturally in life is death and decline. You have to be intentional about this.
  39. Life’s experiences are endless like the ocean. So what will you do with your waves of opportunity?
  40. When the road gets tough, don’t quit. Just change your shoes.

40 Lessons from 40 Years




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