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15 Tips For Healthy Natural Hair



Here are a few tips to make your natural hair journey a happy one and a lot less complicated and a lot of fun:

1.   Natural ingredients make for happy hair.

2.  Cleansing and conditioning should be regular occurrence in your hair care regimen.

3.  Fizzy hair can be tamed with a cool rinse after conditioning and drying your hair using a t-shirt.

4.  Incorporate one new product at a time to determine its effectiveness. Resist the urge to try every                                                 single new product you hear about.

5.   Journaling can help you keep track of your progress and know your hair likes and dislikes.

6.   Love your hair for everything it is and everything it is not.

7.   Moisture comes from water not products.

8.   Patience is the key to a happy, successful natural hair journey.

9.   Sealing with natural oils helps retain moisture in between washes.

10. Water is your hair’s best friend, inside and out.

11.   Expect and embrace bad hair days 🙂

12. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) conditioners.

13. Vitamins are helpful when diet is lacking. Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss.

14.  Trimming is key to retaining length.

15.  Do educate yourself on your hair texture.  Begin by familiarizing yourself with the ABC’s of natural hair with                            blogs – Afrobella, Curly Nikki. If videos work better for you You Tube with Vloggers like African Export,                                    Naptural 85. I have recently discovered my favourite expert stylist on instagram @LovingYourHair.

DON’T compare your hair texture to others, that is where so many of us get caught up, wanting your hair to look like or grow like someone else.  There are a bunch of reasons why someone else’s hair might grow longer or at a faster rate than yours. Before going natural many women look at another natural woman’s hair and immediate declare, I want that! (me included) Always come from a place of love and acceptance with your hair. Coming from a place of love will help you to have more realistic expectations about your hair. REMEMBER – The point of going natural is to love your hair, restore it to health and embrace your individual beauty for what it is.

I am all for protective styling while allowing your natural hair to grown in.



Going natural is an exciting process! Healthy and longer hair is always in your reach. It just takes time, patience and commitment.  If you love it, it will grow!

I wish you a happy hair journey.




About Liz Mugo-Akuku

Liz Mugo-Akuku is the founder and publisher behind as well as a wife and mama to a very active boy. Lover of folklore, and just a girl on a journey to radiant health. I do this by eating REAL food, finding love in myself, and concocting homemade remedies. Want to join me? You know you want to!

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