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10 Genius Ways To Use The Ice Cube Tray


10 ways to use an ice cube tray for weightloss

An ice-cube tray isn’t just for water ice cubes it can actually be an effective tool to help you drop some pounds.  Here is how:

1. Fruits

Puree strawberries or pineapple or mango and free.  Pop out a cube or three and stir into plain yoghurt to make your very own flavoured yoghurt.  You can also add to oatmeal instead of brown sugar.

frozen strawberries

2. Veggies

Puree vegetables eg spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, squash, peas etc to add as extra fiber to soups, mashed potatoes, dips, pasta dishes, green smoothie or even pancake batter.

10 ways to use the ice cube tray

3. Smoothies

Make a nice huge protion of your favourite smoothie especially when fruit is overipe or on sale fill the ice cube tray (or two) and freeze.  Pop a couple out to easily blend for a healthy and super quick low calorie snack or dessert.

10 ways to use the ice cube tray

4. Herbs

Wash and chop your herbs eg. rosemary, basil, dhania into each section and fill with water or olive oil.  Pop the frozen cubes out to add to soups, sauces and whole grains for a flavour boost.  When frozen with olive oil they don’t go bad.

herbs ice cubes

5. Juice

Freshly squeezed juice from organges, lemons to add to water or seltzer. Less calories than a full glass of juice or soda.

frozen juice cubes


Home baked cookies are irresistable and if you ask me almost impossible to just eat one.  Next time bake half and scoop the rest into an ice cube tray.  When your sweet tooth checks in, pop out a couple and bake to satisfy your craving.

frozen cookie dough

7. Leftover wine

No need to polish off that wine and end up drinking an extra 200 calories or more.  Freeze it and use frozen wine cubes in recipes later.

frozen wine

8. Snack measure

frozen strawberries in chocolate

9. Make coffe ice cubes for iced coffee

ways to use ice cube tray coffee ice cubes

10. Make chocolate ice cube and add them to vanilla milk

froozen chocolate ice cube and vanilla milk

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